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You need the latest Java Version Paste a Video URL and let the Java Applet start. The download links will then display.
NEW!   Firefox & Chrome extensions ready!
   Add the download bar on YouTube pages.
To add the Conversion Bar on YouTube - Simply click on the browser icon ( Chrome or Firefox ) , this will download the extension. Now go to YouTube and the bar will be under every video.
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Help Section

Note to all users of the new SaveTube
1 - It is very important that you download the latest Java or update your current installed version.

You need the latest Java Version Download Java (Free)

2 - The first time you run SaveTube with your Java Installed & Updated, it will take several seconds to start in the background.
3 - You will have to accept and press on "Always trust this publisher" when the Java Applet appears.
4 - Restart your browser and now SaveTube will work perfectly and you will not have to do this again.

Which Format should I download?
-3GP is for your cellphones, you can transfer it using the USB cord that came with your phone.
-FLV is a flash format that is now supported by most Media Players.
-MP4 is a video format with the best quality - works with Quicktime and other Media Players. ( SaveTube recommends you to download this format )

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